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Our Staff & Specialists

The Motherhood Center’s team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced administrators, therapists, reproductive psychiatrists, and childcare providers. Everyone brings a passion and commitment to helping new and expecting mothers experiencing PMADs to feel better, and to changing the landscape of maternal mental health care.

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Circle pattern
Circle pattern

Executive Leadership

  • Headshot of The Motherhood Center's CEO, Founder, and Medical Director, Dr. Catherine Birndorf
    Catherine Birndorf, MD

    Co-Founder, CEO and Medical Director

  • Headshot of Allison Karmen
    Allison Carmen

    Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel

  • Headshot of Paige Bellenbaum
    Paige Bellenbaum, LCSW

    Founding Director and Chief External Relations Officer

  • Headshot of Nicole Van Nortwick
    Nicole Van Nortwick, Ph.D

    Clinical Director and Director of Training

  • Margaret Howard, Ph.D

    Chief of Clinical Operations

Perinatal Day Program and Outpatient Program Directors

  • Headshot of Amanda Tinkleman
    Amanda Tinkelman, MD

    Partial Hospitalization Program Director

  • Headshot of Elizabeth Albertini
    Elizabeth Albertini, MD

    Outpatient Program Director, Reproductive Psychiatry Fellowship Director

Psychiatrists and PMHNP

  • Headshot of Milicent Fugate
    Milicent Fugate, MD

    Reproductive Psychiatrist

  • Headshot of Annie Hart
    Annie Hart, MD

    Reproductive Psychiatrist

  • Headshot of Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez-Conty, MD

    Reproductive Psychiatrist

  • Headshot of Porscha Campbell
    Porscha Campbell, MD

    Reproductive Psychiatrist

  • Headshot of Naomi Weiss Goldman, Reproductive Psychiatrist at The Motherhood Center of New York.
    Naomi Weiss-Goldman, MD

    Reproductive Psychiatrist

  • Natalia Ng, MD FRCPC DABPN

    Reproductive Psychiatrist

  • Elizabeth Kern, MD

    Reproductive Psychiatrist

  • Mary Nwosuocha, MD

    Reproductive Psychiatry Fellow

  • Headshot of Alison Workman
    Alison Workman, NP, PMHNP-BC

    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Psychologists and Social Workers

  • Headshot of Jeana DeMario
    Jeana DeMairo, Ph.D

    Supervising Psychologist

  • Roshnee Vazquez, Ph.D

    Perinatal Psychologist

  • Headshot of Zarine Patel
    Zarine Patel, Ph.D

    Perinatal Psychologist

  • Headshot of Alexandra Woods
    Alexandra Woods, Ph.D

    Perinatal Psychologist

  • Headshot of Kristen Kim
    Kristen Kim, Psy.D

    Perinatal Psychologist

  • Headshot of Emily Rebenstock
    Emily Rebenstock, Psy.D

    Perinatal Psychologist

  • Headshot of Nicole Weishoff
    Nicole Weishoff, Psy.D

    Perinatal Psychologist

  • Headshot of Evelyn Gama
    Evelyn Gama, LCSW

    Perinatal Therapist

  • Erin Eastwood, LCSW

    Perinatal Social Worker

  • Lily McWilliam, LCSW

    Perinatal Social Worker

  • Mandy Lam, LMSW, MT-BC

    Perinatal Social Worker and Music Therapist

  • Sarah Meyeroff, LMSW

    Perinatal Social Worker

  • Tessie Berghoff, MFT-LP

    Perinatal Therapist

  • Molly Wolosky, Ph.D

    Perinatal Psychology Fellow

  • Jennifer Halpern, Ph.D

    Perinatal Psychology Fellow

  • Sarah Kalmenson Pinson, Ph.D.

    Perinatal Psychology Fellow

Billing and Finance Department

  • Headshot of Nisha Persad
    Nisha Persad


  • Headshot of Lisette Gali
    Lisette Gali

    Associate Director of Revenue Cycle Management

  • Headshot of Bookkeeper, Sharon Axelrod
    Sharon Axelrod

    Finance Manager

  • Michelle Tran

    Senior Accountant

  • Jenelle Kang

    Billing Coordinator

Operations and Administration

  • Headshot of Karina Cardoso
    Karina Cardoso

    Associate Director of Operations

  • Headshot of Leah Gooen
    Leah Gooen, LCSW

    Associate Director of Admissions

  • Headshot of Jessica Conway
    Jessica Conway-Pierce

    Special Proects and Operations Manager

  • Headshot of Mia Sologashvili
    Mia Sologashvili

    Office Manager

  • Headshot of Christianna Mariano
    Christianna Mariano

    Day Program Coordinator

  • Headshot of Jezebel Turner
    Jezebel Turner

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Headshot of Lily Moriarti
    Lily Moriarty

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Olivia Hart-Kobel

    Administrative Coordinator

  • Clio Amis

    Administrative Coordinator

Marketing Department

  • Headshot of Maddie Vaz
    Maddie Vaz

    Associate Director of Marketing

  • Headshot of Kitrina Miller
    Kitrina Miller

    Marketing and Communications Assistant


  • Headshot of Teresa Baran
    Teresa Baran

    Nursery Director

  • Morgan Rosellini

    Nursery Assistant

Day Program and Clinical Consultants

  • Headshot of Stella Fischl
    Stella Fischl, ATR-BC, LCAT

    Expressive Therapy Consultant

  • Headshot of Jessica Goldberg
    Jessica Goldberg

    Expressive Therapy Consultant

  • Headshot of Meredith Carlisle
    Meredith Carlisle, LCSW

    Supervising Social Worker

  • Headshot of Perinatal Psychologist, Heidi Esterman Psy.D
    Heidi Esterman, Psy.D

    Supervising Psychologist

  • Headshot of Emily Upshur
    Emily Upshur, Ph.D

    Supervising Psychologist

  • Headshot of Perinatal Psychologist, Catherine Boutwell Ph.D
    Catherine Boutwell, Ph.D

    Supervising Psychologist

  • Headshot of Lia Okun
    Lia Okun, Ph.D

    Supervising Psychologist

  • Headshot of Molly Tulipan
    Molly Tulipan, Psy.D

    Perinatal Psychologist

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

  • Headshot of Veronica Johnson
    Veronica Johnson, Ph.D

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant

Day Program Co-Facilitators

  • Lucie O’Brien

    Day Program Co-Facilitator

  • Headshot of Lindsay White
    Lindsay White

    Day Program Co-Facilitator

  • Olivia Marsh

    Day Program Co-Facilitator